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Student Mobility for Placement (SMP) - Outgoing

During an internship abroad, you can not only improve your communication, language and intercultural skills, but also acquire the soft skills valued by future employers.

Erasmus+ provides funding for student internships with companies, educational institutions and other institutions in the Erasmus+ programme countries as well as internationally through Erasmus+ Worldwide.

University of Freiburg students can apply for funding for an Erasmus+ internship via KOOR Erasmus Services BW and the Placement Online mobility platform found there.

Please note the following application deadlines:

  • Your complete application documents must be submitted to KOOR at least one month before the start of your internship. We recommend applying with a longer lead time (e.g. 2-3 months).
  • For partner countries outside the Erasmus+ programme that require a visa (this now includes the UK), we recommend that you apply at least three months in advance of the start of your internship due to the additional time involved.
    Note: Internships in partner countries outside of the Erasmus+ programme can be funded through Erasmus+ Worldwide. However, funding is limited, so please consult KOOR for more information about Erasmus+ Worldwide well in advance.


Advantages of an Erasmus+ internship abroad

  • You will receive a monthly grant in accordance with your country group, a supplementary grant for internships and, if applicable, a supplementary grant for certain groups.
  • The Erasmus+ coordinators at the University of Freiburg will support you in applying for internship funding.
  • You will conclude a Learning Agreement with the Erasmus+ departmental coordinator in your department and at the internship site.
  • Your achievements abroad can be recognized or documented on the basis of the Learning Agreement.
  • You will improve your language skills and have the opportunity to participate in online language courses (website in German) prior to your stay.
  • You will develop both personally and professionally and learn new ways of working and thinking that will help you see the big picture.
  • You will acquire intercultural competences that you can apply directly to your field of work.
  • You will establish an international network that may also be very valuable later on!
  • You will learn to manage in a foreign environment and culture, which demonstrates perseverance, flexibility and openness!
  • You will also have the opportunity to discover a new country and its people and culture in your free time.
    Through your internship abroad, you may well set the course for your future career.


Planning and application


Planning an Erasmus+ internship starts with finding a suitable placement. As soon as you have received confirmation of your internship, you should apply for an Erasmus+ grant via KOOR.

Depending on your degree programme and academic background, there are many ways to complement your studies with an internship. The internship can be conducted in the field of higher education, educational institutions and public institutions. In addition, there are also countless opportunities for internships in industry, banking, commerce, skilled trades, churches, non-governmental organizations, foundations, chambers of commerce as well as associations and societies. Only diplomatic missions and EU institutions are excluded from Erasmus+ funding. Consult the KOOR website for support in finding an internship. University of Freiburg students will also find links and tips on how to find an internship in the current “Wege ins Ausland” (Ways to Go Abroad) presentation on the ILIAS platform.


You can begin applying for an Erasmus+ grant as soon as you have received confirmation of your internship. First, you must register with Placement Online mobility platform on the KOOR website. Your internship application will be signed by the Erasmus+ university coordinator at the University of Freiburg. You will conclude a Learning Agreement for your internship with the Erasmus+ departmental coordinator in your department at the University of Freiburg and the internship site. The Learning Agreement lays out the contents of the internship as well as how it will be recognized or documented.

Once you have completed the required application documents, you can submit them to KOOR via Placement Online (Login) no later than one month before the start of the internship. Please note that you must meet this deadline in order to be eligible for funding.

Project 2023

Internships in Erasmus+ program countries: Applications accepted

Internships Erasmus+ Worldwide (outside the program countries): Applications are only possible again in the 2024 project; probably from June/July 2024 with internships starting from 01.09.2024.


Funding conditions

Application deadlines

Applications for funding for an internship abroad can be submitted to KOOR – Erasmus Services BW on an ongoing basis, provided you have a confirmed internship. The application deadline is one month prior to the start of the internship (same calendar day of the previous month). Your complete application documents must be submitted to KOOR by this date at the latest. If you are seeking a graduate internship after completing your degree programme (e.g. after your bachelor's or master’s), you should apply for funding while you are still enrolled. The eligibility requirements on the KOOR website apply to your application.

Duration of funding

Internships abroad for students (e.g. bachelor’s or master’s students), doctoral candidates and graduates can be funded for between 2 and 12 months. KOOR also provides information on the conditions under which short-term stays can be funded, e.g. for doctoral candidates. If you have already received/are currently receiving funding through Erasmus+ or another scholarship, please note the information on repeat funding and double funding on the KOOR website under Eligibility Requirements.

Application documents

In order to submit your application to KOOR via Placement Online, you will need signatures for the following documents:

Application form: This form can be downloaded once you have registered on the Placement Online application platform. It must be signed by the Erasmus+ university coordinator in the International Office at the University of Freiburg. Please make sure that your information on "Funding within the Erasmus program in the same study cycle" is correct and complete. You are obliged to inform KOOR Erasmus Services BW of any changes, e.g. to the internship location or the period of the internship.

Learning Agreement: The Learning Agreement contains information about your internship and is signed by you, the departmental coordinator in your faculty/institute at the University of Freiburg as well as by the internship site. Table B must be completed for the corresponding type of internship (“embedded” or “voluntary”). There will be no recognition for graduate internships. For language skills, A1 is the lowest and C2 the highest level. Conversation should be possible at B2/C1 level during an internship.

Insurance declaration: This refers to your individual insurance coverage and is signed by you. Information on existing insurance for enrolled students is available at the Studierendenwerk Freiburg (in German).

Once you have completed the further steps on the Placement Online application platform, you will receive a Grant Agreement, which stipulates your rights and obligations as well as your funding. You must sign the Grant Agreement in the original (“wet signature”).

Additional details, current information and access to the Placement Online application platform is available at KOOR Erasmus Services BW.



After the mobility

Once you have submitted the concluding documentation, you will receive the second portion of your grant (second instalment). The concluding documentation includes the following:

Traineeship Certificate: This is the confirmation of the completed internship provided by your internship site. It is issued and signed by the internship site.

Certificate from the university: This certificate records how the completed internship will be recognized or documented at the University of Freiburg. As with the Learning Agreement, it is signed by the departmental coordinator in your faculty/institute at the University of Freiburg. If your internship cannot be recognized within the framework of your degree programme, you will receive confirmation of the internship.

KOOR also offers you the opportunity to share your internship experiences on the experience report platform.