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Doctoral Candidates

As a doctoral candidate, you have the same options within Eucor – The European Campus as students at the Bachelor and Master levels. You can, for example, take classes at the other member universities in Germany, France, and Switzerland. However, registration or enrollment at the host university is necessary.

The services offered by other European Campus member universities (online services, dining halls, student dorms, reduced rates for public transportation, using libraries, etc.) are also available to you as a doctoral candidate, once you have registered or enrolled, and re-registered or re-enrolled for each new semester.

Practical Information for Doctoral Candidates at the University of Freiburg

Please consult the website for Eucor Outgoings to find out how to use the options available to you within Eucor – The European Campus, and how to apply for a travel allowance.

If you participate in events such as conferences, meetings, workshops, and interdisciplinary qualification programs at one of the partner universities, you can also apply for a travel allowance. In this context, an official business trip has to be requested. You can find more information on business trips for doctoral candidates and researchers within Eucor – The European Campus in this information sheet [in German].

You want to refresh or advance your French language skills before you cross the border? It may be worthwhile to have a look at the Language Teaching Centre’s courses [information in German]. University of Freiburg employees can also take IWB classes for continuing education. The Centre Culturel Français Freiburg [information in German] also offers French courses in various formats, including intensive week-long courses and even customized discussion courses.


Practical Information for Doctoral Candidates at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the Université de Strasbourg, the Université de Haute-Alsace and the University of Basel

If you wish to use any of the options available to doctoral candidates at the University of Freiburg, please consult the website for Eucor Incomings for more information.

Binational Doctorate („cotutelle de thèse)

You have the option to complete a cross-border, binational doctorate within the European Campus, a so-called „cotutelle de thèse.“ This type of doctorate enables you to obtain a doctorate degree from two universities at the same time, based on a single thesis and a single exam, approved by the thesis tutors of the two universities concerned.

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