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Global E-Teaching Fellowships: Funding programme at the University of Freiburg for digital teaching collaborations with international partner universities

Digital learning and teaching in international, intercultural and global contexts: Global E-Teaching Fellowships offer teaching staff at the University of Freiburg a low-threshold opportunity to conceptualize and implement teaching projects with partner universities worldwide.

Funding is available for projects that seek to (further) develop digital and global learning and teaching scenarios with partner universities around the globe. Commonly known by the terms Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) or Virtual Exchange, these projects allow collaborating teaching staff to focus on facilitating and moderating dialogue and interaction among students in an academic (disciplinary or interdisciplinary) course setting.

The call for applications for the funding programme "(Global) E-Teaching Fellowships" can be found here.

To learn more about the positive effects of digital and global learning and teaching scenarios for both students and teaching staff, read our collection of Best Practices.