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Joint and Double Degree Programs with Partner Universities

Joint or double degree programs involve studying at more than one university for a joint degree or for two or more degrees simultaneously. You can find out more about such programs available in Freiburg.


Joint or double degree programs at the University of Freiburg build on long-standing cooperation with partner universities abroad, are research-oriented and already established in many subject areas. We offer a wide range of programs.

Are you interested in a joint or double degree program? Then you are on the right page here. We have summarized frequently asked questions and answers for you.

Where can I get advice at the University of Freiburg?

The Central Academic Advising Office (ZSB) in the Student Service Center advises all prospective students on joint and double degree programs.

What exactly is a double degree program? How is it different from a joint degree program?

A double degree program is a degree program that you complete at two (or more) universities. This means that you spend an obligatory part of your studies at the University of Freiburg and another part at a university abroad. The study location is usually determined in advance, because the curriculum is jointly designed by the University of Freiburg and the partner institution abroad.

The terms joint degree program or double degree program are often used in different ways. At the University of Freiburg, they are defined as follows:

Joint and Double Degrees Overview

What are the advantages of completing a joint or double degree program?

Joint and double degree programs provide you with subject-specific qualifications, facilitate the organization of your studies abroad and promote your professional and personal development.

Your subject-specific advantages

  • The contents of your degree program are closely coordinated between the University of Freiburg and the respective partner universities. The course of studies is strongly interconnected. As a result, you benefit from the academic expertise of two (or more) universities, which complement each other and thus strengthen your professional education. Depending on the degree program, you have a wide variety or slightly narrower range of options for courses at the partner university.
  • Abroad, you will study in the national language of the partner university; and often additionally in English - also in Freiburg. In addition to subject-specific expertise, you thus acquire the relevant specialist vocabulary in one or more foreign languages as well as the academic language English.
  • You broaden your perspective, as you get to know two (or more) academic systems - and are thus confronted with the latest research results, different methods and questions.

Advantages for the organization of your studies

  • Your pass/fail and graded assessments abroad are automatically recognized in Freiburg and are thus an integral part of your degree program.
  • With your matriculation in a joint or double degree program at the University of Freiburg, you will receive a place at the partner university - an additional application process for studying abroad is thus not necessary.
  • Some degree programs at the University of Freiburg also offer you a fixed time frame for a study-related internship, which can sometimes be completed abroad. This leaves enough room during your studies for gaining professional experience.

Advantages for your professional and personal development

  • With a joint or double degree program, you spend at least on and usually two semesters abroad. In most cases, you study in a "cohort" with students from Freiburg and the partner university. Due to this close connection to the partner university, many students often experience the time very intensively. You will acquire many soft skills that will be useful for your career entry and your further academic career, including intercultural skills, flexibility, creativity or how to work independently.
  • You network across borders and qualify not only for the job market in Germany but also in the country of the partner university(ies) and beyond.

An international component in my degree program is important to me, but a joint or double degree is not an option for me. What other options does the University of Freiburg offer to study as internationally as possible?

In addition to teaching or doing internships abroad, you can apply to study abroad for one to two semesters via the university-wide exchange program University of Freiburg Global Exchange or via the ERASMUS+ program. Many bachelor's and master's degree programs at the University of Freiburg also offer timeframes for a stay abroad that complements the curriculum. The brochure International Programs provides an initial overview. The departmental coordinators of the individual degree programs also provide information about possible departmental partnerships outside Europe.

What are the admission requirements and how can I apply?

Admission requirements, application deadlines and selection criteria may vary depending on the degree program. Please inform yourself on the pages of the degree programs or at the Student Service Center.