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Before you leave, there are again formal matters to take care of. Please contact us a week or so before you leave so that we can assist you when needed.

  • Termination of your rental agreement.

Note: many rental agreement are permanent and cannot be terminated with immediate effect. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and costs, please check your rental agreement for the details of termination before you sign it. Your landlord or landlady will also be able to explain these details.

  • Deregistration of your residence.

Within the city of Freiburg, a deregistration can be done online (in German).
(Find here a guide on how to deregister online.)

  • Termination of other contracts (telephone, internet, insurances, subscriptions, memberships).
  • Closing your bank account.
  • Taking your children out of school.
  • Notifying appropriate authorities about your departure, such as child and family benefit agencies.
  • Giving back your Unicard, library card, etc.
  • If necessary, filing for a tax return. 
  • Getting informed about possible pension claims.

Download the checklist