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About the Partnership

The comprehensive partnership with the University of Adelaide, Australia is deeply rooted in various disciplines: it reflects all ongoing activities in research as well as in learning and teaching in the field of health science (medicine, nursing, sports science), pharmacy, computer science, as well as in philology and the liberal arts education. Strong links on the leadership and administrative levels as well as within the international network Academic Consortium AC21 complement the cooperation with the University of Adelaide.


Highlights of the Partnership

  • A Joint Doctoral Program enables PhD students of medicine and pharmacy in Freiburg and Adelaide to spend at least one year at the partner institution. Supervisors from each university will accompany PhD students throughout the program. Adelaide and Freiburg will jointly award a degree.
  • For the first time in 2019 the University of Freiburg and the University of Strasbourg will host a two-week short-term program for Adelaide students. Courses in Freiburg will focus on “Sustainability and Renewable Energy – Germany’s and Europe’s approach”.
  • Since 2017 the departments for nursing at both universities offer a joint study tour for undergraduate students. The study tour will take place in Freiburg and in Adelaide on a rotating basis.
  • An initiative in the field of computer science aims at implementing joint learning and teaching modules for Master’s students in Freiburg, Adelaide, and Strasbourg.


Opportunities for Students


Opportunities for Doctoral Candidates and Researchers


Opportunities for Administrative Staff

General Mobility and Support Opportunities


For more information about the partnership and support concerning activities with Nagoya University, please contact Ms. Kathrin Jehle at the International Office via