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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

As a measure to support the internationalisation of higher education institutions, administrative and teaching staff have the opportunity to participate in training measures at European universities and at foreign companies/institutions within the framework of the Erasmus programme. The measures generally have a duration of one week.


What types of continuing education and training are available?

Erasmus Staff Training Weeks
Many European universities regularly offer so-called Staff Training Weeks. These events are often topic-oriented and aimed at employees from specific fields of work such as the press and public relations, IT or the library sector. An overview of current opportunities can be found in Erasmus Staff Training Weeks database.

Please note: In order to apply for funding for your Erasmus staff mobility, contact the International Office before registering with the partner university. The partner university is responsible for approving your participation in the respective Staff Training Week.

Job shadowing at partner universities
As part of job shadowing, participants work with colleagues at the host university to develop an individual work plan in advance of their stay abroad. The focus here should be on exchanging ideas and new perspectives for the specific field of work. If you are interested in this type of staff mobility, you should independently research suitable host institutions and have specific ideas about the contents of the work plan. Having existing contacts in the relevant department is an advantage. The International Office can help you find suitable contacts.

Language courses
A language course abroad can help you improve your communication skills in a foreign language. The prerequisite is that the language is used regularly in everyday work at the university in order to complete tasks related to your job. This is often the case for English, French and Spanish. For other language courses, you must explain why the use of this language is required for your work.

The language courses should consist of at least 4 hours/day or 20 hours/week of instruction. Some language schools and university language teaching institutes offer tailor-made courses for staff mobility.

Who is the program aimed at?

The staff exchange for training purposes is aimed at University of Freiburg staff, in particular from the following areas:

  • General & technical administration
  • Libraries
  • Departments & faculties
  • Finance
  • International affairs
  • Press & public relations
  • Academic advising
  • Technology & transfer
  • Further education

How do participants benefit?

  • Professional exchange and new perspectives for one's own field of work
  • Strengthening one's own competences
  • Networking
  • Promoting cooperation between universities


An Erasmus stay abroad can also be counted towards the certificate in international competence (link in German) for employees in administration and technology at the University of Freiburg.

Step by step: From application to return visit

Submit the application to fund your staff mobility to the International Office. Since your trip will require further bookings in addition to the documents required for your application, we recommend that you start your application early.

Guidelines for an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility - Training (STT) [PDF]

Organising your trip
Travellers are responsible for organising the trip and booking the tickets and the hotel themselves. Travel expenses will be covered according to the Erasmus+ flat rates for staff mobility. The University of Freiburg’s conditions for business trips apply. Further information on business trips can be found under "ZUV – Service A-Z" in the Intranet.

Gifts for hosts
Hosts are always pleased to receive a small gift from Freiburg. Popular gift ideas include university wines (link in German) or articles from the Unishop (link in German).

Return visit
By signing the declaration of acceptance, you also declare your willingness to mentor colleagues from partner universities.
The International Office will be happy to assist you with any enquiries as well as with planning for a return visit.


The amount of funding for Erasmus stays is based on the cost of living in the destination countries.

The Erasmus programme offers the following services:

  • Daily rates according to country group
  • Travel allowance


Funding for Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Teaching (STA) and Training (STT) [PDF]

Initial contact for staff mobilities

Daniel Weiß
International Office
Erasmus+ University Coordinator

+49 761 203 4269