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REFLECT: Going Abroad. Your Student Exchange Capstone Module

REFLECT: Going Abroad is a credit-bearing hybrid module that will help you navigate your expectations and experiences before, during and after your stay abroad. It is based on both self-guided and discussion-led reflective learning among participants. The module aims at raising your awareness for global responsible citizenship. REFLECT will form a capstone for your entire learning process associated with studying abroad.

With REFLECT, you will embark on a reflective learning journey before, throughout and beyond your study abroad. A facilitated (teacher-led) discourse – online via ILIAS and face-to-face – as well as direct exchange with fellow students will inspire you to interactively discuss, reflect and contextualize your experiences.

REFLECT is special: It will move your learning experience beyond intercultural communication or specific country-related topics. This module will not deal with mere organizational issues pertaining to going abroad. REFLECT will be offered again in summer 2024.

In short: REFLECT will help you make your own way to become a reflective ambassador of your experiences and expectations as well as to understand and to engage with the idea of responsible global citizenship.


Learning Goals & Content

In the course of this module you will, together with other participants, learn to:

  • explore your own identities and their co-relation with social and cultural imprints
  • anticipate and reflect on challenges before, during and after studying abroad
  • develop coping and solution strategies in the different stages of your student exchange
  • refer your experiences in the host country and at the host university to the process of cultural adaption (culture shock)
  • understand your social positioning and its consequences in reference to global power structures
  • discover different approaches to deal with stereotypes in a reflective way and to support anti-discriminatory attitudes and action in your everyday life
  • explore ways to transfer your experiences to future steps in life and to actively engage within your community.



Structure & Requirements

You will get involved in a hybrid-learning environment. This will allow you to engage flexibly and at your own pace with the module’s content.

REFLECT will kick off with a self-guided learning phase in mid-June. A face-to-face* pre-departure workshop for all participants will take place on July 6, 2024 in Freiburg. During your stay abroad, online assignments will take place every 4-6 weeks. You will complete this module with a virtual re-entry workshop on April 5, 2025.

Important note: It is possible to participate in this module even if you are still abroad in spring 2025. (There might be a lot of reasons for not yet having returned to Freiburg at this stage: taking exams, working part-time, travelling, doing in an internship, etc.) The online mode will allow you to participate in REFLECT wherever you are.


This is how you will embark on your reflective learning journey:

REFLECT Overview

Download Overview

*All face-to-face elements may be subject to chance according to pandemic regulations at the University of Freiburg.



Credits & Recognition

Participants will receive two (2) ECTS upon full completion of the module: It is required to participate in both the pre-departure and the re-entry workshop, to complete regular online assignments, as well as to submit a final reflective essay.

For Bachelor’s students: Credits obtained in this module can count towards the field of profession-oriented skills (BOK).
For Master’s students: You will receive a certificate of attendance. Please check with your study program coordinator whether credits obtained in this module can count towards electives.

Participation in the module is voluntary and will not be a prerequisite for going abroad as a Freiburg Global Exchange or as an Erasmus outgoing student.



Eligibility & Registration

REFLECT will start by the end of June 2024. Registration is open primarily for nominees of the Freiburg Global Exchange Programme who will begin their stay abroad in summer/fall 2024 and who will spend one or two semesters at the partner institution. Erasmus outgoin students of all Freiburg faculties are also eligible to register.

Registration will open in mid-May. Information about the registration process in ILIAS will be available in due course.



Student Impressions

„The module was a nice opportunity to exchange experiences with other exchange students and approach our time abroad well-prepared and with a more conscious and open-minded attitude.”

“I really enjoyed the exchange with other students and also the encounter with the culture shock was a good preparation in my eyes.”

“It is a nice opportunity to reflect on one’s experiences and thoughts in a safe environment with people who go through a very similar experience which is really convenient.”

“I can fully recommend the REFLECT module. It helped me a lot to reflect on my experiences and to classify them for myself.”


Questions & Contact

For further questions about the content and learning goals of this module please contact your REFLECT lecturer and facilitator:

Ms. Janina Prenzlau
Lecturer at Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen
Email: will follow

For any questions or concerns related to administrative issues (registration in HisInOne, ILIAS platform) please turn to:

Ms. Astrid Yadav
Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen
Tel. +49 761 203 6833

For all questions concerning administrative and organizational issues for your stay abroad, please continue to address your Freiburg Global Exchange coordinators Ms. Mareen Kästner or Dr. Jens Langer. Erasmus outgoing students please address your Erasmus Exchange coordinators.


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