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University of Freiburg Global Exchange

Full-time degree-seeking students (Bachelor, Master, Staatsexamen) at the University of Freiburg can apply for the University of Freiburg Global Exchange programs.

Pay close attention to the strict and early application deadlines. They are approximately one year, sometimes more, before an exchange would begin. Also note that the academic calendar abroad is different from the academic calendar in Germany, and that semester dates do not correspond.

If you are interested in an exchange, follow these steps:

  • Read our FAQs for the exchange programs, which provide the necessary basic information.
  • Check if there is currently a call for applications for the region or regions you are interested in. If so, read the call carefully and follow the instructions provided therein. Contact information for the program coordinator and details on further advising (information sessions, information materials, etc.) will be contained in the call.
  • Read exchange reports from past outgoing exchange students.
  • See our exchange map to research all partner universities in the Global Exchange. Note that not all partners are available to the exchange every year. Each current call for applications includes a list of available partners in that particular cycle.


Existing study exchange programs are:




South Africa

U.S. and Canada


Other programs:

Oxford University: research in the Bodleian Library at Jesus College (doctoral students only)


Students who are nominated to an exchange can sign up for the REFLECT: Going Abroad module as an accompanying learning experience and earn credits.